Winfree Baptist Church
Sunday, September 27, 2020

Our Heritage


 1915 - Present



 The story of our church begins in the year of 1913 or 1914. At this time, a group of families living in our small community desired a place  to worship. During this period of Orange County history, travel was difficult due to very poor roads. Pioneer preachers are mentioned in the Golden Triangle Association from about 1880 through the 1920s.

One of the more prominent of these servants was a great influence in the founding of our church, Reverend  Fred A. Burton. Born in County Kent, England, in 1837, Rev. Burton came to Texas as a child with his family in 1842. The 1860 census lists Rev. Burton as a 22 year old farmer. He also served as a soldier in the Thirteenth Texas Calvary, C.S.A. Most of our charter membership consisted of young families, with a few older members and some young singles. The one common denominator was that they wanted to see people won to Christ and to grow as Christians. The record indicates that they were mission-minded and concerned for a lost world. Their new church would be a regular contributor to the finances of the Association's work, as well as the work of the Convention. They participated in the "75 Million" campaign of 1920 and gave regularly through the Cooperative Program from its conception in 1926.

The first organizational meeting was held on August 29, 1915.  The church was first called Burton Baptist Church.  The name was changed to Winfree Baptist Church in a business meeting on July 19, 1923.

Although 90+ year’s young, our church continues in the practices of our rich heritage - mission minded, always increasing our efforts to show others how to know Christ.

We invite all to join us as we continue to grow in our relationship with Christ - both as individuals and corporately.